is ALLNET´s new division which follows the vision of future desktops that can be supplied via cloud despite having high requirements of a fluent screen representation – Keyword: Desktop Virtualization in a private or public cloud.

adcomp offers all the components not only to pursue this target but also to implement it. adcomp provides all necessary hard and software components that are specialized to transfer the abundant IT resources from the cloud back to the desktop.

We offer a secure and performant solution: the data is not leaving the data center and is accessible from any random location in the world: in the office, branch office or on the way with a conventional internet access. Furthermore the data is always accessible via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Our solution is flexible and scalable which offers the possibility to be able to grow with the requirements.

The modern working world requires more and more flexibility and mobility. This objective can only be achieved by a modern IT infrastructure.

Immerse yourself in the world of virtualization.